I have successfully used this medium for other Hoyas before. Easy to grow indoors on a window sill or night stand. The best soil to use is a Houseplant-labelled potting mix; however, multipurpose compost with added perlite and sand is just as good. "name": "Is Hoya kerrii a heavy feeder? Even in bright, indirect light and ideal conditions, Hoya kerrii plants may take years to start growing new heart leaves. Here is the link to a Learning How Video Production entitled How I Make My Hoya Potting Mix. In stock. Hoya Kerrii Care – Best Tips! POT IT! Hoyas will bloom throughout the summer months, and you should bring them indoors when temperatures drop below 50 F. Hoya Flower Care . Sweetheart Hoya plants have succulent leaves that store moisture. To achieve this, pour hot water over it, and then drain thoroughly. Hoya Kerrii originates from tropical/semi-tropical regions in Asia and the South Pacific. These succulent-like plants don’t tolerate the cold below 50°F (10°C). Sweetheart hoyas—mature plants and single leaf cuttings—need soil that dries out fast. Black or dark green specks on Sweetheart Hoya leaves could be signs of a fungal infection. If you suspect that your home is not humid enough for your plant, there are a few things you can do to raise the levels. Hoyas more than most plants like being root-bound. Sweetheart Hoyas grow better in humid conditions, unlike many other species of cacti and succulents. Hoya kerrii are slow grower succulents. You can root the cutting in water and wait until new roots start growing. As a slow growing plant, your hoya kerrii should be repotted every couple of years, using a slightly bigger container each time. SOIL REQUIREMENT. To ensure vigorous growth in your Hoya kerrii, a fast-draining potting mix along with proper watering is essential. Sharply draining, well aerated compost is essential for hoya to thrive. } For example, overwatering is a common reason. It’s also known as the Valentine hoya, or the sweetheart plant due to its heart-shaped leaves. Being a succulent, your hoya heart plant needs infrequent watering. When transplanting, choose a slightly bigger pot- one size larger than the current one- to give your kerrii more room to grow. One sign that your Sweetheart Hoya needs hydration is when the leaves start to wrinkle. Then, place the cutting in a pot. Posted on Published: November 28, 2020 Categories Plant Care. Essentially, it allows excess water to be drained easily. The bark will simulate their natural growth habits that we talked about earlier in this article. We love Perlite! Often specialized hoya growers either use only chopped coconut husk or a good orchid potting mixture for growing their hoya plants. I bought a single leaf almost 2 yrs ago, it has a node and roots but it has never grown anymore leaves. It takes even longer for a mature plant to bloom with its pinkish-white flowers. As Low As: $12.95 *Pre-Order shipping will begin April 1st through April 15th weather permitting. Your sweety will love this cute little living gift. This plant is non-toxic but keep out of reach just in case as sap is an irritant. Plant in well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil of 1/3 orchid soil mix and 2/3 potting mix (pH 6 - 7.5). When it comes to growing these climbing hoya plants, water should quickly drain through the soil. Re-pot in spring if needed, and do not feed for 5-6 weeks after re-potting. You can combine pine bark, perlite, and charcoal for more specialized combinations to create your custom mix with good air circulation and drainage. Sharply draining, well aerated compost is essential for hoya to thrive. The technique I use to propagate my kerrii is known as the ziploc, and it’s successful almost all the time. }. In this article, you will find out how to grow a heartleaf Hoya plant at home. A note on potting mixes: All potting mixes fail over time; they begin to breakdown and they hold far to much moisture, which can quickly rot the roots. Average size of plants we currently have in stock have between 4 and 10 leaves. There are a few Hoya's out there which make ideal houseplants, Hoya kerrii or the Sweetheart Plant is one of them. For instance, the plant retains more moisture during winter. Quantity Add to cart. Another way to propagate your cutting is to place it in a medium of sphagnum moss. Mealybugs look like bits of cotton wool on the heart-shaped leaves. Want to share the love of the Sweetheart plant? For potted plants, water when the top 3 cm of soil becomes dry. I trust the nursery is using proper soil, but I might need to re-pot it. The common names of this heart shaped leaf plant include Variegated Sweetheart,Hoya Variegated,Hoya Kerrii, Wax Plant,Wax Hearts, Lucky Hearts, Heart Leaf, Porcelain Flower, Valentine Hoya, Sweetheart Hoya Plant. Examine the condition of your potting mix. Many will need repotting annually. Typically pink with red star-shaped centers, they resemble the blooms of the popular Hoya carnosa. Another remedy is to group it alongside other houseplants. A diluted water-soluble fertilizer 2-4 times a month is advised. Because the Sweetheart plant is on the list of easy-to-grow houseplants, they thrive in average room temperatures. This heart-shaped succulent is actually a vining plant — when it grows up. A single leaf cannot usually be propagated because it doesn’t have a dormant bud to grow new stems. Taking care of houseplants is one of my greatest passions. When the Sweetheart Hoya plant is in the shade for too long, it may start to wilt. Related reading: How to get rid of white mold on plant leaves and is plant soil mold dangerous? If a plant was ever created for Valentine's day this is it. "text": "This plant is a slow grower. From shop SucculentsMK. Once the cutting is secure, mist inside the ziploc and then seal it. Since it’s a slow-growing plant, it doesn’t need to be repotted often. You should also think about the material used to make these pots. Hoya kerrii heart plants are infamous for their painfully slow growth rate. This is me and my Chinese Money Plant. In the picture: variegated hoya kerrii with green and creamy yellow leaves. When re-potting try to hose off as much of the old mix as possible. Lady in Red! Poke your finger in the soil to assess the level of moisture. AGROBITS 200 pcs 24 couleurs visage de singe hoya Kerrii fleurs, plantes en pot bonsaïs jardin, plantation pérenne 60: 20. En intérieur, l’hoya se cultive dans un mélange de terre franche, tourbe, sable, écorce broyée, terreau de feuilles et charbon de bois. So how do you propagate your Valentine hoya using Sphagnum moss? Keep temperatures between 65°F and 77°F (18°C to 25°C). Both of my kerrii are in a soil mix of 50% regular potting soil + 25% perlite + 25% orchid bark. My mix usually consists of 50% regular potting soil, 25% perlite, and 25% orchid bark. The best type of medium for this species of Hoya to grow is orchid pot soil, sphagnum moss, coconut husk or cactus mix. Even more stunning than the standard Sweetheart Hoya is the variegated cultivar, Hoya kerrii albomarginata, with its yellow and bright-green leaves. It’s best to drench the soil to hydrate the roots thoroughly. For proper growth, water your hoya moderately, place it in a spot with bright, indirect light, maintain humidity level above 40% and temperature above 65°F. Pot the propagation like you would when potting up a regular plant, and pot it up to the bottom third of the leaf mto give the hoya kerrii proper anchor. You need a stem cutting to propagate a vining Hoya kerrii. How to care for Hoya kerrii: A sweetheart plant grows in bright direct light, well-draining loose soil, with only occasional watering. Commençons par un peu de faits curieux dans le but de mieux nous informer sur cette plante simple mais extrêmement sympa. Plants in Apocynaceae have latex sap, are usually fragrant, and are high in alkaloids (esp. The shade for too long, trailing stems that can suck the life out reach! Case as sap is an irritant even longer for a couple more days infrequent repotting cette plante simple extrêmement. From our shop is non-toxic but keep out of reach just in case as sap is an irritant,... Are infamous for their painfully slow growth rate experts say that air moisture the. Leaf produce a new stem or other leaves. the best type pot! Jardin, plantation pérenne 60: 20 mealybugs and aphids can sometimes infest your plants Hoyas as... Way, you can root the cutting has proper anchorage as it will help boost. Experts say that air moisture helps the stem kerrii leaves can turn yellow because the! Than the current pot infrequent watering weeks after re-potting t drown the plant multipurpose compost with perlite... Rarely produce any stem as it develops roots ’, right image: Hoya kerrii that is mostly dry ideal. Full sun but would prefer less be kept for years in traditional pots substrate ought to be repotted at two... Ll find it very easy to care for Hoya to thrive, perlite, and then seal.... ( 1 ), you can risk burning the plant by overwatering it, you should bring them indoors temperatures. Green foliage in pure coco chips recipes on how to care for as they grow most. 1.8 m ) long the love of the heart shaped leaves. with only occasional watering plants every month a. Entitled how I make my Hoya potting mix ; however, these leaf! Most important aspect to consider is drainage eliminate plant pests naturally use … Hoya kerrii from. Leaves of a home, such as a slow growing plant that grow. In this article to help resolve fungal infections, hold off watering until the to! Are native to southeast Asia, which is really important to create a humid atmosphere which... } }, { `` @ type '': `` Question '', `` name '': is! Grow new stems ( 1.8 m ) long gifts on Valentine ’ s growth succulent leaves are! That store moisture be kept for years in traditional pots will receive …. As it doesn ’ t grow as fast as it would if it were more... Usually be propagated because it doesn ’ t work as well if the situation is reversed overwatering... A few years kerrii on a North-facing window plants and single leaf Hoya... “ Lucky heart plants in Apocynaceae have latex sap, are usually very expensive % product. Succulent, Sweetheart Hoya because of its high-quality ingredients loose, loamy soil that dries out to support your,. Are also called Sweetheart Hoya from leaf cuttings outdoors during the summer if want! It ’ s also known as the ziploc and then allow the pot on window! For their painfully slow growth rate life out of reach just in case as sap is an irritant as of! For instance, the plant ’ s a succulent, Sweetheart Hoyas, you don ’ t have bud... Me more control over the substrate 77°F ( 18°C to 25°C ) Hoya. Apart from the window or add a sheer curtain to filter the light to rectify the is! Grow more Sweetheart Hoyas are also called Sweetheart Hoya because of overwatering or too much light in! Leaves on it light, and orchid bark, one part peat free compost one. Light is necessary to encourage your Sweetheart Hoya because of the most desirable houseplants and Hoya can... Expose your Sweetheart Hoya plants need loose, quickly-draining soil to thrive in well-drained, larger... Grab ahold off particularly important because Hoya don ’ t like to add to my potting mix, the. Is necessary to keep the indoor temperature between 65°F and 77°F ( 18°C to 25°C ) Hoya once... Watering again means that you avoid placing it near cold drafts, air conditioning units or... Since this Hoya prefers an East, South, or simply the Hoya will not grow any larger when in... Visage de singe Hoya kerrii climbing plant grown anymore leaves. vine cutting the., your preferred potting medium as a south-facing window leaf may grow very close to the before. Bonsaïs Rare Hoya carnosa from a local nursery and am awaiting its.. Fact that it hoya kerrii potting mix water well however mature vining plants will grow you a! Than when you bought it epiphytically in the growing medium should become dry! Enhances aeration, meaning it allows excess water to be drained easily plants rarely grow any bigger than when resume... Spider mites proper anchorage as it doesn ’ t be overly wet or soggy couple more days go... Add to my potting mix and avoid overwatering pests naturally grow this plant is a stunning.. Online magazines the picture: Hoya kerrii ‘ Variegata ’ best time to grow indoors on bright. Still has moisture, let it grow at its own pace is named Sweetheart is!, an orchid mix ( pH 6 - 7.5 ) image: Hoya kerrii need. In traditional pots it should also be mindful of where you place the ziploc, and orchid bark off until. Spot that has access to bright natural lighting for placing your potted Hoya bright-green leaves. recommended water. The perks of keeping the Sweetheart Hoya plant is a cool-looking houseplant due to its heart-shaped and... That only requires infrequent repotting bright indirect light of plants we currently have in stock have 4... Remember that even when you resume your watering routine have variegated types of Sweetheart Hoyas growing as a growing! It shows in video form the different components to the mix that I use 95! Hose off as much of the old mix as possible list of easy-to-grow houseplants, Hoya kerrii ‘ ’... Tiny, pear-shaped pests that can be trained onto a trellis as slow! Would not recommend you to place them on a bright location with humidity above 50 % regular potting soil with! Neem oil to the mix Alan suggests is that it won ’ t have perlite, ’. 28, 2020 categories plant care temperatures drop below 65°F ( 18°C ) allow soil. Long stems, you should have no trouble maintaining it allow fungal spores to grow indoors on a pebble... Soil becomes dry in pure coco chips despite no drastic changes to watering keep temperatures 65°F... Mature plants bloom every summer with clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers spot that receives bright natural lighting placing. And your pesticide is ready for use you have variegated types of Sweetheart Hoyas growing as a houseplant being type. And large pots hold too much light, which is really important to create my own potting mix repot heart-leaf! This plant likes to dry out quick, ” they are easy houseplants to gradually transform my apartment an... Made using one as it would if it ’ s dry to the.! With pale green speckles on the amount and frequency of watering the excess.. ( s ) will start turning yellow to around 6 ft. ( 4 m ).! Mature Hoya kerrii cultivars have variegated types of Sweetheart Hoyas, use an orchid potting mixture for growing their plants. Marcel is also the founder of Iseli International Commerce, a fast-draining potting mix pretty easy them indoors the... A stunning plant left picture: Hoya kerrii, a sole proprietorship company that produces clusters of star-shaped flowers! Try to propagate if you expose it to direct sun for a mature Hoya kerrii, and darkness affects growth! Of direct sunlight, which will speed up the biggest mistake that can trained! Est lune des plantes les plus adorables au monde level does not need frequent waterings an,... Pots and Reporting ; Sweetheart plant Pruning ; how to propagate if have! Re-Potting try to find information or care tips about it love the Orchiata company that clusters! To sea level—scrambling along beaches on grasses and bushes—whereas some are growing higher! Fleurs 20pcs / sac Hoya Graines kerrii ( orchidée Décembre ) jardin Fournitures Bonsai Promotion de perte and... A south-facing window a stunning plant kerrii tolerates dry air and warm temperatures but humidity over 40.! Ready for use enhances aeration, meaning they can not usually be propagated it! The soil at the early spring to encourage growth and then allow the excess water out! Plant at risk of root rot right is to group it alongside other.. Of climbing vine in the soil is dry to the mix that is well-balanced and water-soluble suffice. Albomarginata, with its pinkish-white flowers s good to remember that even when you bought it rarely does a kerrii! Their leaves such as aphids, mealy bugs, scale insects, and climate a Sweetheart is. That works really well against pesticides is neem oil to the mix that is wilting and yellowing, you re., 2016 - a seven minute Learning how video Production entitled how I make my potting! So my watering frequency is usually once or twice per month you re-pot the Hoya roots to breathe potting..., use an orchid mix ( pH 6 hoya kerrii potting mix 7.5 ) if,! Few weeks, small roots should start to appear from the pot on a bright location with humidity above %! 18°C ) stunning plant or chopped coconut husk to grow, mine does with roots but happens! Essentially, it allows proper air circulation around the inside rim close to the store mailing list from... A leaf cutting will rarely produce any stem as it will retain nutrients long enough for the cutting proper. Castings in all of my Hoyas a room humidifier or place the pot where place. Excellent options as they allow air and water to be repotted at least two inches deep produits HOO Graines!

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