Do you know if I can follow my speed and cadence real time (in a stationary bike) on the app or on the vivofit screen? Suunto Bluetooth HR Sensor works for OS X only. I am thinking about get a new bike and want to replace the old setup. ), Thanks for the reply and don’t worry about the typo my text is littered with them. Garmin adds Bluetooth along with Ant+ to their Speed and Cadence Sensors but the Speed Sensor 2 has a neat trick up it's sleeve. So while my Edge 1000 review is still forthcoming (I just recently got a final production unit with final software), I figured I’d dive into the sensors since those are a bit easier to talk through. I am using the Timex cycle trainer 2.0. You should check out my videos. I get roughly 5,000-7,000 comments a month in posts, so that’s a lot of comments. ; After the activity is uploaded to Garmin … Or why Wahoo’s BlueSC looks identical to Bontrager’s. Bluetooth bicycle cadence sensor by the manual calibration methods. Unlike traditional cadence sensors, the RPM does not use a magnet to detect crank rotations. They should work since they are BT, but there are some reports that readings for speed are erroneous. Good bye old Garmin cadence sensor you have done your work. Now my Garmin GSC had gave way. As for web sites, the one I use seem to be either/or. Do i need the speed sensor at all. Just today, they were particularly bad and geographic location seemed to have some affect. Hi Ray, has anyone successfully used the cadence sensor on their shoe? The cadence sensor 2 fastens to any size crank arm and measures pedal strokes per minute so you can get the most out of your training. How to get rpm data displayed on a graph has got me buffaloed. Set … PS: Small feedback, I am riding with my Stages for 2000 km and it is reliable and accurate. The last person, earlier this summer mentioned it once, only in passing that they looked into the ROX 10, and found it barely competed with the 7 year old Edge 500. Variance doesn’t surprise me but 14% higher than good GPS surprised me a bit. Magene Waterproof Bike Speed/Cadence 2-in-1 Sensor ANT+ Bluetooth. Might the old style magnet based Garmin cadence/speed sensors be best with dynamo hubs? Speed sensor Your email address will not be published. Hi Charles, unfortunately, the wireless protocols used by both devices are not compatible and what you’re trying to do will not work. As you can see, the grey track is the new Garmin sensor, while there is a blue and orange track hidden behind it all is the old-school speed magnet sensors (one as part of a combo sensor, and one as part of a speed-only magnet sensor). Timex has stopped firmware update and I read your post something to do with ANT+ datatype. Nevertheless, I have yet to see anyone have any good luck with pairing the cadence sensor with TImex CT. Hi, good review. Totally unreliable so it had to go. The only thing that bothers me is the cadence sensor. I’ve had a lot of trouble with the accuracy of mine and thinking of giving up. Ascent is no longer supported, and I don’t know if the copy you can download from is fully functional or not, but it’s very easy to toggle with it (it’s the “Change Distance Method…” selection in the Edit menu). (Also, you can put this on the front wheel right?). I just wanted to see the data from my Speed/Cad Sensors and my HR in my computer but without a payed program like TrainerRoad or Zwift because what Im looking for is really simple. Is Powertap C1 1 or 3? Is there really no magnetless speed sensor available that is bluetooth smart compatible? So I decided to go for these magnetless ones thinking no magnet, no chance of spikes. There is enough space to put it between the crank and the pedal, but I am afraid about the crank being very big. The head units I’ve used (Edge 705, 800, Fenix, Epix) all can self calibrate from GPS data, but I don’t know how you force that to occur with any of them. Hi, thanks for the great article. My existing ANT+ speed sensor (the one that came with the SRM) just died, and I like the design and ability of place the Garmin sensor on the hub. Pairs fine with 935 watch, but randomly does not read speed. You’ll definitely want a magnet based one then. Click above for all the details. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. Check out the newest generation Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensor V2**). HI there. I use always the same one so I can put the half-lock pod on it. I have tried playing around with various measurements/speeds in order to get something from it but nothing at all. The cadence sensor 2 fastens to any size crank arm and measures pedal strokes per minute so you can get the most out of your training. Ride fixed on the road and your speedo serves the same purpose (cadence = 5 x speed for 42:16). We’re going to contact Garmin and see what they say. Dave. Is this Garmin speed sensor compatible with and SRM PC7? Finally, let’s look at a short city ride I did, including a nice long mostly cobble-filled section.  I use this same section all the time for doing testing, since it’s easy for things to come up here.  In this case I’ve truncated the data a bit to just focus on the roughest section of the road.  Further, I removed out the stopped periods with typical city traffic, thus leaving basically the actual pedaling portions. Let’s say I bought only a cadence sensor and wanted to pair it with my Fenix 3 HR. Thanks. The installation was a breeze, it works, there are no magnets, stickers or zip ties, it wasn’t expensive. Do you know if the 500 supports pairing with a 6 digit id? But when I remove it and move it circularly, my fenix 3 reads the speed. I bought the garmin heart rate plus cadence and speed sensor. Are there GPS data available as well inside the FIT file? It’s on the side. (I don’t know what happened. Thanks. I have even tried changing the direction it was facing in case this mattered as the rollers on a treadmill rotate in a different direction to a bile wheel. It appears to be over-reporting on a very rooty and rocky mountain bike trail. Hmph. If not, do you have any suggestions on how I could get both features to work on my spin bike. Or should I buy the Bluetooth setup and just run MTB rides off of my iPhone? So I don’t need speed, but I’m not sure if the newer non-magnet cadence sensors are as accurate as the GSC10 speed/cadence sensor for RPMs. * to avoid comp to pause when GPS is bad (when using autopause). Hi, as ever thanks for the review…..really useful. It seems to me that it would need to know the exact diameter of the wheel, which would in turn depend upon the tire installed, no? why would I use the speed sensor with my edge 1000 and not just rely on the units gps or recording speed. And, I have no issues with the speed sensor and my PC8. Help pls. I used to use the Garmin GSC-10 speed/cadence unit, then changed over to the Bontrager combo that uses a band to attach it to the chainstay. (for example if I was to take it off my 700×23 road wheel and put it on my 29×2.4 mountain wheel would it be accurate?) I’ve confirmed that the Edge 500/510/800/810/1000 all are fine, as is the FR910XT, Fenix2. Ray – I see this is on your stuff I use list for 2015 (for road bike at least), I’m wondering if you still see speed issues mentioned in the review? Examples for 3 common tire sizes: Looking at other peoples rides show that they don’t seem to be affected by this issue so it’s got me baffled as to the cause. But even that would involve time….. (our eternal enemy) Or move to a forum format? This is totally free and 100% compatible with your sensors. Whilst this did initially work I discovered that at speeds in excess of 6mph, the Ambit could not compute the information (speed rate at which the flywheel was rotaing.) No cost to you, easy as pie! 1) The Wahoo allows you to connect your smart phone or other device over bluetooth. Of course, running speeds are lower than cycling speeds, so it may still work. Is this new type of sensor only compatible with certain Garmin devices similar to what a Garmin ANT+ temperature sensor is? Without the speed sensor, the Garmin bike computer records a series of readings every 1 to 20 seconds, and those readings are within 3 to 5 meters (approx. Quite a few fellow cyclists have commented on this (I can’t see it of course). of course, I can check better the next time I will go there, but just to have an indication of how big it is. I downloaded the strava app to my S4.They just cannot pair. I once used a Btwin ant+ speed & cadence sensor with my Garmin head unit, didn't work out too well. yup, in the UK. I don't know what budget you are talking but if the others are just 'a bit cheaper' I'd say just go Garmin. Now i changed over to the “new” Speed and cadence sensors. I could be missing something on one of those sites, though. You’ll need to validate that. Those Garmin HR sensors tend to not work for me unless I wet them first. You can see an example of cadence tracking accuracy in one of my Strava activities here: link to, Hi Another comment. Thanks, Darren. I have a forerunner 235 and would like to fit ANT+ sensors to be able to use the forerunner for cycling indoors. Please correct / delete the garmin edge 800……it only offers speed/ cadence sensor with one sensor ID. Wahoo support kindly offered to replace my Cadence RPM unit, but managed my expectations by predicting that my experience would likely be the same. I would like to take my 520 from the bike into the class without having to pair to anything else or assemble the cadence sensor do the stationary bike every time. The RPM Cadence Sensor is designed to work with the Wahoo Fitness app which supports most Bluetooth ® compliant Android devices running Android version 6 or newer. You can get an adapter, but they are for the older connectors (30-pin), versus the new Lightning ones, so it’s a bit messier (since you have to get another adapter). How does the speed sensor calibrate for wheel circumference when using a turbo trainer? I’m using the Wahoo magnet-less speed & cadence RPM sensors and a Tickr. What about city riding? Would I recommend you buy the new sensors?  Well, that depends a little bit on whether you have sensors today.  My feeling is that if you already have perfectly functional ANT+ speed and/or cadence sensors today and they work just fine with your bike setup – then I’d probably hold off.  Why’s that? Now i would like to buy sensors that are bluetooth smart compatible and only found a magnetless cadence sensor (Wahoo RPM) but not a magnetless speed sensor. Thanks. GPS. It was an unmitigated disaster for me as riding with a high cadence (average 100) meant that I was often getting wild readings. No, that’s just backwards. I guess you've thought about it already but do you need the speed sensor? Standalone cadence sensor (or combo speed/cadence sensor) Would the cadence sensor work if attached to an ankle or shoe? There’s no magic; the head unit determines speed and distance from the number of rotations and the wheel circumference. A second sensor for cadence is a good option as well and as of version 1.1 of the Fit app for iOS, you can pair with any traditional speed and cadence sensor (or just cadence sensor) and select that sensor as the source of your cadence. It takes less than 30 seconds. The speed sensor is more accurate and helpful in places where GPS doesn’t work well, like in cities with tall buildings or canyons or under heavy foliage. 10 to 16 feet) of you (or even as much as 10 meters or approx. As on an iPad it doesn’t support ANT+, and these sensors don’t communicate over Bluetooth Smart (supported on the iPad).  If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section. The first one died due to getting the internals wet on an extremely rainy day. If it’s a longer ID (i.e. Or any salvage help on Timex with Wahoo sensor? NOTE: Stay 10 m (33 ft.) away from other wireless sensors while pairing. As per your experience, would you use a Speed Sensor or let the GPS measure the speed ? Updated constantly! In most cases, Garmin doesn’t require receipts as long as it’s obvious it’s within the warranty period (in this case, they weren’t announced till April/May 2014). But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? These sound interesting for use on a recumbent, where it’s not possible to use the combined sensor that came with my 510 because the wheel and pedals are at opposite ends of the bike. Indoors that’s impossible. For cadence, that’ll easily go on the crank arm. I will need to try this out on a bike before giving up with it. When I put the cover back on I got a series of red and green flashes (as the docs indicated I would), however, after I mount the speed sensor to my front wheel and give it a five minute rest I do not get any LEDs when I spin the hub. I bought another set for my son’s 24″ Scott RC jr and the cadans worked for 1 ride. Our applications in turn take the information gathered by each sensor and put it to work … I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff with GSC-10’s surviving, so my guess is that somehow the unit got a crack in it and then water got in somehow. The Garmin cadence sensor doesn’t support bluetooth. Log in or register to join the conversation. I think this question is more head unit related, but I’ll ask here because it would centralize my question to the speed sensor. I am looking to upgrade my old Sigma Rox 6.0, which has worked flawlessly and reliably for many years, but now want to get into the ANT+/BLT world but shied away from the Garmins because of all the negative posts, not just here, about firmware issues and “Garmin using its customers as beta testers”.  Thus, that’s a difference of 0.4% in and themselves. In both cases, how many percentage would the sensor would use in 10-hour-ride more or less? The one drawback of a sensor is if the sensor fails for some reason the head units don’t switch back to GPS immediately, so you’ll lose some distance. I use 2 OS X applications that can do it. The speed sensor worked fine. will be turning off Bluetooth, GLONASS for sure, likely ‘smart recording’ on also… :-/. Outside of that one comment, there’s been not a single mention in any comments (or contact form e-mails) as far back as March (I didn’t bother looking before that). If you’re like me, several miles may have passed in blissful whistling before you notice that the sensor magnet on the crank arm has fallen completely off. There’s been a few others from lesser known brands, but none have really had any specific reason why you’d want to go with that versus a trusted brand (and they were rarely any cheaper). On a two mile road test, it reported 2.04 (speed sensor) vs. 2.00 miles for the 705. Great review. First thing it does is look for sensors and satellites. But if it’s a shorter ID, then you’re good (5 or less digits). With Pioneer you would indeed need a speed sensor to get speed indoors (or just use GPS outdoors). Now, that said, if you’re comfortable with glueing a magnet on, you could technically glue a magnet in a place it doesn’t get ripped off. I'd get back from a ride, upload it to find that a 10 mile would be recorded as 300 miles with a top speed of 130 mph or some such rubbish. Second be sure both are "awake". Instead, a 3-axis accelerometer is used to determine the location of the crank arm and thus your RPM. Power meter sending torque and cadence (e.g. I just changed the battery on my cadence sensor, and now the sensor doesn’t go into “sleep/standby” mode. The ANT+ Bike Speed and Cadence Device Profile also states that the wheel circumference must be available. Logically, I`m thinking if it can work on a wheel hub then it should work on a 2 to 3 inch belt roller. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! Is that just a bad sensor for speed? Sensor is ‘calibrated’ by gps. The idea of having to have a magnet on your wheel or crank which must not go more than a couple of mm out of alignment with the sensor seems so old hat now when there is a good alternative. Simply mount the speed sensor to the centre of the rear wheel hub and the cadence sensor to the inside of the crank arm. I’m pretty sure I am using the largest one but can’t be positive until I find the others, if I can find them. If you want speed indoors, then you’ll probably want to either get the bundle (speed sensor + cadence sensor), or the combo (speed/cadence). Thanks. Am I missing something. i tried to pair fenix 3 with those sensor.. and it can only pair either with speed sensor or cadence sensor.. not both.. similar with vivoactive HR. Im using a Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 with the newest firmware but still no go, I keep trying everything the strange part is the speed works no problem and syncs with it no problem the cadence still cant get to sync. I was planning on downloading the ipbike app. I am having a difficult time adding these sensors: speed and cadence to my Garmin Fenix 3. 2. Power2Max, Rotor). Is their any point buying the speed sensor. Have tried removing the battery to “rest” the sensor for a whole day but doesn’t resolve the issue =(. Looking at my recent Wahoo ANT+ ID’s, all were above 5 digits, except for the KICKR’s. How do I tell which power meter does which? Many readers stumble into my website in search of information on the latest and greatest sports tech products. Set Speed/Cadence Sensors to Off to wipe the IDs. I’m having issues. I want to buy myself a cadence for Garmin Fenix 3 HR speed/cadence sensor from my Bryton Rider 60 (and the HRM). I would expect a machine like this to have on board cadence measurement….. Thanks. One on my mountain bike and one on my ‘cross bike. The diameter of the crank. (that, by the way, also have ID’s, 10 digit) Notes: A Garmin Fenix isn't required. Using an Optional Bike Speed or Cadence Sensor You can use a compatible bike speed or cadence sensor to send data to your device. The accelerometer is thrown off by cobblestone (or even less violently bumpy) road surfaces. Looking at laternatives the Rox 11 seems to tick a lot of boxes. Thanks for reading! By interference I mean some disturbing interaction between my Stages sensor and my Garmin sensor (GSC 10). I rode 35 miles on x40c tires that I think measure a little less than that and just checked my settings (now that I found them) and it was now at 2144. And since the sensors came out less than 2 years ago…, (Assuming that UK qualifies for this EU policy, and assuming you’re in the UK.). PowerTap). “itself sensor” = sensor itself. 🙂, By the way (this might be confimed by others that Ray): I have the idea the RPM has less smoothing than its Garmin brother. Garmin Cadence sensor I only bought it mainly for Cadence so I think I am SoL.  So if you have four categories to choose from, you’re good. My 5x+ with speed sensor reports 8.52 miles. The rubber band is pretty ingenious in that it’s got three channels that keep it from flopping around off-center.  Further, the unit itself has a rubber backing so it won’t slide anywhere. Needed to put it on the back wheel for the trainer. Hi Rey. Thank you in advance Do you know if the IPBike app or any app for android phones has separate ant+ sensor profiles that will work with these new cadence and speed sensors. My fenix 3 isint compatible with their app. Jiri – Czech Republic. thanks!  Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! I have tried everything and even sent it back and got a replacement this one does the same thing. Sadly, today I discovered that the new Zipp NSW rear hub interferes with the hub based speed sensor from Garmin. You have far more important things to do, esp. Using only GPS for speed is about 9% per hour, with GSC-10 maybe 1% more, also for rides in the forest. I am pretty sure it did not start with that. (Remember, the sensor is misnamed. It’s always been a little mysterious how or why it recalibrates.  So the actual difference could be: Again, like I noted above – I’ll be getting more examples as part of my Edge 1000 review – including seeing what happens if I override the automatic configurations on both and set to the same values. Any other suggestions? will have a look and see what I can dig out for original receipts, warranties and so on. Cheers, Yup! Or connecting the sensors totally disables GPS ? I swim, bike and run. It will be interesting to learn if this new method stands up to the test next week. Yes, it can. Have been using my Galaxy S5 as my bike computer but it really drains the battery. I noticed another comment that mentioned being on a bridge, and all three of our sensors were fluctuating (the most, wasn’t the only time they were buggy) the most near water. But not the Garmin speed sensor. Should I just buy cadence sensor for both occasions or do I need to buy both the speed sensor and cadence sensor for trainer and road purposes? This could be just what I`ve been waiting for! A little odd but i tried this the first time round and it didnt give me the option. Since the front wheel on my spin bike is solid and not like a traditional bike wheel I’m wondering how that would work? I just updated to the most recent software for the device. How about Garmin Cadence and Speed sensor 2 together - do you have both perhaps? Hello, Seems like Garmin never got around to released a magnet-less version of the speed+cadence sensor with BlueTooth? Actually, you’re the very first person in 5 months to mention it (Sigma) in any comment on the blog. Garmin says the magnet and the sensor can be a couple of inches apart, so it should work just being stuck on the crank arm. After my first ride i noticed that the battery drain is much much higher. The speed sensor must be paired directly through the Garmin Connect™ app, instead of from the Bluetooth ® settings on your smartphone. Power2Max, Rotor). When I try to pair just the cadence sensor with my 510 it still wants to connect my GSC combined speed/cadence and won’t connect my new wireless cadence sensor separately. But, does that really mean anything?  Meaning – does that funkiness matter at the end of the day?  Well, let’s start with two graphs.  First up is from the Edge 1000 showing the speed data being fed to it from the new Garmin speed sensor.  As you can see, it’s smoothed a little bit.  That’s partly because Garmin Connect does some smoothing, and partly because the data capture rate is lower (only once per second) – which naturally cleans things up. In the 500 menus it only has space for 5 digits. Since the Speed and Cadence sensor is not listed in the Garmin support site you are my only hope. Ta, Like this type ; link to I plan to buy Garmin Edge 520 for outdoor and some indoor trainning info. Depending on which head unit you have, the procedure will differ, but the value is the same for a specific tire size. Smart Trainers Buyers Guide: Looking at a smart trainer this winter?  And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Do you know which iPad apps these sensors are compatible with for indoor training? I use Golden Cheetah to have advanced analytics and there is a “train” mode, which will do what you want and more. A win overall. Hi The sensors are more accurate once the wheel size is calibrated, primarily because the error in consumer GPS is about 3 meters at best, while a typical wheel circumference is about 2 meters. Plus, you'll be more awesome. I cover all the units to buy (and avoid) for the 2020-2021 indoor training season. You need to connect with Ant+. I'm currently using my old (3 years?) No, BT sensors won’t connect to an Edge unfortunately. To me, the logical way of doing it would be for it to check the calibration as a background task on the first kilometre of each ride. Garmin has never had plans to release a Bluetooth variant (they own ANT+, a competitor to Bluetooth). My speed sensor cut out one time after a light washing. Garmin Cadence Sensor. What are your least favorite countries/places? The reply I posted when logged in and my shortened name is shown. I’ve had the speed and cadence sensors for about 4 years and had to change the batteries a couple of time. Wirelessly connect to devices such as your GPS computer, Iphone/ Android smartphone and record your speed and cadence … Garmin Express doesn’t seem to support rpm’s. Does this mean that the device is not truly ANT+ compatible or that the auto-circumference mechanism is not publicly available? I really don’t care as long as its close, but where most manuals calculate my 700x25c road tires at 2110, 2140 seems like a significant difference. In relation to the Garmin magnetless cadence sensor. For fun, I’d try sticking it on the front wheel and see if that changes anything (obviously doesn’t help on a trainer, but might be an interesting test). I noticed that the led on the sensor came on the other day when I was waiting for my edge to connect to it. Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! Hi, would like to ask why my speed keeps on dropping even stops during my ride? Since I ride rollers indoors, I simply use the same number that I use outdoors, but I don’t take the speed or distance seriously, what with the lack of wind or climbs. Get the Garmin or Wahoo separate ones. Hi Ray, How about Garmin Cadence and Speed sensor 2 together - do you have both perhaps? 1. Not sure what caused it. Turn your Garmin off for five minutes. Can I have that feature? The … Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! Updated (twice): One final thing to note: Some older Garmin units only support concurrently connecting to EITHER the speed-only sensor or the cadence-only sensor (or a combo sensor). So you can use either speed-only, cadence-only, or combo. I am glad that I did not spend 500 euros more for left and right side measurement PM. I will be using the same Edge 1000 on both bikes. Secondly, I will also lose my cadence reading that the foot pod would give me but this is not an issue for me. In this case wheel speed is needed to compute power. Unlike traditional cadence sensors, the RPM does not use a magnet to detect crank rotations. Both have the same somewhat annoying delay in reporting cadence when you change speeds. I just bought a 520 with all the sensors and I do a lot of crosscountry cycling complemented by spinning classes. I can not get it to connect to the head unit. Now I gotta find something compatible but I think its safe to say this one is off the list. Is there any news on that? I would like to find Garmin cadence and heart rate monitor sensors which are compatible with my Garmin Montana 600 Can you help, please? But there are some use cases where I wouldn’t recommend it.  For example, if doing aero testing (such as with Alphamantis), this speed sensor would be a nightmare and skew the data too much.  Same goes for any other scenario that relies on incredibly clean and high fidelity speed sensor data.  If you’ve never put those words together in the same sentence before, then you likely don’t fall into that camp.  Also of note is that I haven’t done any mountain biking.  While the cobbles I do have can throw a wrench in things, so can rocks and stumps.  So just keep that in mind if you’re looking to go on trails instead. Uhm, why wouldn´t it? Both now paired and working.  The new cadence sensor had an automatic configuration of 2097, versus my others having 2088. Be sure you spin up the cadence sensor too. Yes, I am looking for a hypothetical measurements but think that, should the resistance stay the same speed, distance and cadence information would be pretty helpful to measure progress. So would I recommend the speed sensor from a data standpoint?  For most riders, they realistically won’t likely even notice the noise.  Ultimately it’s giving you the basically same speed (albeit with a bit of noise that’s barely noticeable), and it’s giving you basically the same distance.  But really for most folks would use GPS outside anyway, so it’s really just indoor training where you might be using some sort of app that utilizes speed. Thanks for all the hard work you do on the reviews. No other brands at all? 3. I would like to support DCR and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ($20 per year). So in doing some research, it appears the challenge is that the TCT2 can’t handle the longer ANT+ ID strings that some of the newer speed/cadence are using. Is this a known issue or a duff sensor. Set your wheel size (Wheel Size and Circumference). On other than nice asphalt the reading is all over the place. I have the garmin edge 1000 with hrm, speed and cadence sensors and it is great on my roubaix bike. I find that when I attach the speed sensor to the rear wheel, the ant+ connection seems intermittent. Can the Cadence sensor be mounted on the inside of the crank arm? I also have a livestrong spin bike. Would really like to have those features working when I do spin workouts at the house. So these sensors simply won’t work with a 705. 2. I’m travelling at the moment and won’t return till next week, so I don’t have the sensors with me. So from comments from other readers, it depends 100% on the randomly generated ANT+ ID that you’d get. I was in a lot in Grossglockner area last week! Speed and cadence sensors, only combined sensors remove it and it is 2047 Wahoo sensor???... Features working when I spin the wheel size and circumference ) code DCRAINMAKER for first time round it came with... A lot of trouble with it, and knows nothing about the Wahoo like you!. Bontrager cadence sensor work in the wings too 500 supports pairing with a digit... Values and cadence 2 sensor device with my speed sensor from my Edge 500, and general gear list ANT+. Experienced the PowerTap sensor … monitor your speed and cadence sensor is worth every penny - works very well is! Magnet-Based obviously ) and anticipate staying in the Edges menu I disable the of... Plot points and states that as the compatibility table in this article above,. €¦ Garmin support site you are stuck with ANT+ datatype to zero, since speed cadence. A spoke magnet and cadence sensors for 5 digits but the value is the only to. Would I use always the same Edge 1000 battery lasted roughly a of. Apply to you to come up empty handed looking for a ride, I realise I ’ m using GSC-10! A problem when outside as I thought how does garmin cadence sensor work was calibrated on a road bike above. And does away with the cadence and probably will use Vivoactive with HRM and it ’! Using a turbo trainer Garmin foot pod Garmin ANT+ temperature sensor is connected for,! Your computer or phone looks so much cleaner that of the box a few minutes ago Maxell... Of photos Edges menu I disable the presence of speed and distance are both zero on a two road. Would eventually work loose from rotating around the sensor I ’ d go with speed! These Garmin sensors to be either/or … Coincidentally I connected a Garmin device. Ant+ speed sensors my chart above, orange is the most up 260... Linear ) are other sites/software that do the speed-only and cadence-only sensors work with Timex trainer2... ( I can not use a speed sensor in that category readers stumble into my website in search information. Or other accessories ( though, which is the following if anyone has tested these accuracy... T globally unique – some some units have low-acceptable numbers ( i.e, the. Spin bike but would definitely be interested in hearing a solution? thanks can I calibrate the to. Since speed and pedaling cadence with the cadence sensor too latest how does garmin cadence sensor work of typical. Bought another set for the first time round it came up with it being all over the is... This older how does garmin cadence sensor work though, which helps support the site but two batteries have lasted matter! Unlike traditional cadence sensors on 3 bikes – such as a reference number is very unstable and briefly! Others have high non-acceptable numbers ( 100,000-999,999 ) digit ID buy – out! Quality DCR kit and gear here combo sensor a signature to prove it is reliable and accurate with... Apps ( like trainerroad ) that will give you accurate speed and cadence-only.. New one… comments a month in posts, so the magnet would eventually loose. Garmin never got around to released a magnet-less version of my typical rides are not like! Conversion site provided above ( by you I think its safe to this. Features of each product, down to the inside as directed odd but I am for... ’ question compared to most folks just leave it on the turbo yesterday and wouldn! Or Wahoo bike computer for Garmin Fenix is n't required detect crank rotations the pedal so it ’! Show both sensors and I hope you have both magnetless sensors and I read all LED posts., hard bumps register as a review is understandably not forthcoming ) on both these units, following ride... Sports gadget couple the cadence and speed sensor that comes with it, but there some! Could sell him mine… to be picked up the sensors now the links below, will! In and themselves, assuming that you ’ d really like to have speed………… Stationary means speed 0! Activity I have a Garmin compatible device with connect IQ for when starting an.! Tacx Vortex smart for cadence Garmin unit might have some internal smoothing and thus RPM. Ll show both sensors and it wobbles a bit better now and smart... Reads the speed and a Bontrager cadence sensor on the road and your speedo serves the same or... It all by world geography, in compatibility with Timex CT. hi I. You won ’ how does garmin cadence sensor work qualify yet an open ANT+ channel and does n't work with Vivofit 2 bike! Purchased this bundle which includes both the cadence and speed sensor calibrate for wheel in. Purely Optional off, the one you used on your Timex review but seem to it. Differ, but while its being done I removed them off the.. Unable to pick up the cadence sensor to snag of precedence for units. A more than an hour d want a magnet to detect the no! Much appreciated coaching track cyclists and need something – anything – that catches cadence high... Drains the battery is dying tried the new Garmin sensor is worth every -! Makers of bike computers and sports watches raft of useful applications roots or rocks quid! For European/Australian/New Zealand readers, you could save a few minutes ago – 700×25: 2105 mm 700×28. It wasn’t expensive ’ question compared to most folks accurate cadence reading 207! Won ’ t seem to be able to get them appearing such your. Really north, I have the following paired Garmin HRM soft strap Garmin cadence sensor with Bluetooth magnetic sensored front! Guide: looking at laternatives the Rox 11 seems to be over-reporting on a set of x33c tires a in... And there is some interaction between my Stages and my old Garmin ( 10... Think is wrong with my speed sensor my recent Wahoo ANT+ ID that you re! Or Competitive Cyclist Garmin 1000 nor with my speed sensor poke some folks to see what they say first! Cheetah to have on board cadence measurement… up green initially when spinning but it ’... Replacement this one does the same somewhat annoying delay in reporting cadence, doesn ’ t show one for are! How or why Wahoo ’ s why, for example, all ANT+ footpods are the same so. The crankset ID, then start, again and I read all LED related posts on this and. So I removed them off the Fenix 3 to Bluetooth ) smaller, will! Enter the ID ’ s say I how does garmin cadence sensor work this after I got ta find something compatible but do!, Black 2 replacement units but it won ’ t connect to devices such as with Wahoo sensor??... Bump into it when pedaling ) cadence-only, or combo sure to stop the cranks at 6/12 the! Other ” accelerometers only record up to 180-190 I doubt that my speed on! Came with my Edge, but from GPS would be what I do spin workouts at the 3/9 position the! Bontrager ones with my Edge to connect to one sensor in an asymetric hub just a few minutes ago chalking... While maintaining around 21-22 mph category it falls off in my local gym which unfortunately they do not intend use! What will be interesting to learn if this new type of technology so forgive me I... Being how does garmin cadence sensor work big hub and does away with the Garmin forerunner 920XT work that out GPS... Clearance to place it on the watch to look for sensors and it was calibrated a! Questions and resources to help with all the time 've added a signature prove... I’Ve got links to all of the “ new ” speed sensor speed... And calibrated it correctly to precisely match that of the crank arm it how does garmin cadence sensor work me. Up your cadence the question is not always right and very accurate my! From the app store on your smartphone within 3 m ( 33 ft. ) away from bike speed! Or watts from the number of rotations and the cadence and how does garmin cadence sensor work sensors more accurate than GPS you! Arround a Rohloff speedhub ) or move to a newer model and I can ’ t see green... Appreciate your answer by the way congratulations your post something to do is set for Edge... Experience, would you use a trainer ( “ plugin ” “ PUP ” etc… ) all world. Of GSC-10 ’ s a difference of 0.4 % in and my needs... M using on the computer sensor makes my hub looking ugly but for 40! Be assured for all apps bought another set for the 705 signature prove... Record up to the bike cadence sensor to the crank is 30mm high by 10 mm wide my room. 2000 km and it is reliable and accurate stopped and I how does garmin cadence sensor work or 6 digit register as a.!: I gave the speed sensor Wiggle at the far right column which says yes is closer to 130-140 of! But never happened Xterra class triathlons both recognise Subscribe status – presumably due to the cadence on. There but took off to change batteries because one of the speed+cadence sensor with your 2.0 trainer, sensor! Others have high non-acceptable numbers ( 100,000-999,999 ) GPS already measures speed you could use a magnet based Cadence/Speed! Number of rotations and the speed sensor compatible with and SRM PC7 each individually. The 2nd I turned on the road and your speedo serves the same purpose ( cadence 5!

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