Ulmar brought me this most peculiar torch, and see this! Suen: (Takes Dr. Barrett aside) You would not believe how long we've been babysitting Ashur. Here, Eleanora, show them the- show them the thing again. Who would do this terrible thing to you? It is often seen sitting on the ground in open fields. My friend! Leads: Goblin, Ashur. (Laughs) "God of the Moon". Here, Eleanora, show them the- show them the thing again. SCP-3740: Hahahaha! However, containment efforts are aided by the fact that SCP-3740 is remarkably gullible. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under. SCP-3740, also known as "Ashur, God of the Windswept Plains and Soaring Skies". I would very much like to intercou-. Thaddeus! SCP-3740: Cursed? Yet while the air and the water in the streams are bracing, the .sun is fiery. Artemor! To your stations. I’m sure Eleanora has important business to speak of to me. Leads: I- yes, you’ve mentioned as much, Ashur. Also, the traditional Assyrian eponym of the royal name Ashur, Lord of the Kainites (Ashur-bel-Kaini), paralleling the Sumerian Ashur, Lord of the Duni (Ashurenduni), implies that the People of Kain (Kaini) and the People of Dun (Duni) are the same. Dr. Its skies were the battlefield for Horus and Seth (Zeus and Typhon). My friend Bonebreaker5, there are facilities just down the hall here- the finest in the entire realm, imported straight from the far off land of Kohler! The quote’s great; the collection that spawned it is even better. It’s absolutely madness. This is a wild, high, windswept and sunburned prairie of isolated communities of He’s full of shit. SCP-3740: -so then I told him, what greater power could a god wield than that of spinning an orange ball on one finger? (Takes a deep breath, closes his eyes slightly) What, dear Eleanora, is the extent of the… of the… of the damage? In order to facilitate proper communications with SCP-3740, all research and administrative personnel are to perform a feat sufficient enough to prove to SCP-3740 that they are divine beings, on an equal footing to SCP-3740. TO: 3740 Research Team, Site-81 Containment Research Team, Site-81 Administration, Site Directors Council, Foundation Containment Committee, FROM: Dr. G. McElroy, Site-81 Containment Research Head. Haneul: Haneul is a Korean unisex name, meaning ‘sky.’ We think it would make a perfect pick for parents who want a name that bridges cultures. Let me just get-, (SCP-3740 manipulates the wind in the room to move Agent Allen's mug over to a cask and pour him another drink, returning the cup when finished. All smooth down there. SCP-3740: Spirits have mercy! (Dr. Preface: The following document is an excerpt from an internal memo between members of the Site-81 containment research team. Few regions in the country remain as preserved as this western frontier, whose raw landscape of high, windswept plains, dense pine and hemlock forests, and twisting rivers is framed by snowcapped mountain ranges and see-forever blue skies. SCP-3740: -and there I was, standing alone on the battlefield, and over the river is Adam El Asem. The bosk, without which the Wagon Peoples could not live, is an oxlike creature. Let’s speak candidly. Suen: Suen, God of the Moon. Why would I ever want to leave such a palace? Can you believe that? SCP-3740 is more than capable at any given point in time of breaching containment. It encompasses every world where GMs run their adventures, all within the relatively mundane realm of the Material Plane. Dr. Then he took up his wand: he calls pale ghosts from Orcus with it Flames of Vengeance was a fast-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Why? Behold his magnificent power! Having gathered significant momentum with their early victories on the outskirts of the Konor System during the Plague … Astaramis is a well-ordered and heavily defended Imperial Hive World, the third world of the Konor System, its largest centre of population, and a potent symbol of Imperial dominance. It was just a, uh, goblin… a goblin ran past, and just… just stole my nethers. Except us, of course, but either way! (A fierce wind is kicked up and SCP-3740’s chair is knocked backwards. Ulmar brought me this most peculiar torch, and see this! "I didn't know they could do that!" SCP-3740: Spirits save you! And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds, --and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of --Wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit silence. (Dr. Barrett hesitantly draws his elbow to his mouth and licks it.). The Kingdom of Ellyrion is a land of gentle summers and mild winters, of sweeping plains, azure skies and heady pollen. Behold his magnificent power! It is often seen sitting on the ground in open fields. I’m sure Eleanora has important business to speak of to me. SCP-3740: As I was saying, Suen, it's excellent to see you again. SCP-3740: Nonsense. Hov’ring there, I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air . Leads: I certainly appreciate the sentiment, Ashur, thank you. SCP-3740: I would very much enjoy the opportunity to intercourse with you sexually, Eleanora. SCP-3740 is capable of manipulating air currents at will, as well as communing with flying animals, and controlling air pressure and temperature. (Gestures towards two members of the security team) Come in here, yes, come here. Whereas further south are the arid lands of the windswept plains of Patagonia. There are forests, granite moonscapes, windswept craters, glacial lakes, torrents, peat bogs, maquis, snow-capped peaks, plains and névés (stretches of ice formed from snow). Line of Cain: 1) Cain. The guy just cannot be helped. Who are you again? God was God’s name just as his name was Stephen. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. 1 Introduction to fast-track Events 2 Event Quests 3 Scenario 4 Layout Flames of Vengeance was notable for introducing Record Keeper players to the game's fourth Challenge Event layout in its first six months: the fast-track event. Despite disaster, Rebecca Baard still dreams of someday soaring … The, uh, the Unbroken. Winter's Bone 2. Wikidot.com Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. A thrilling tale! Thou in her, the hand of God, She in thee, with lips inspired, Owns the Mother of her Lord. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. I would very much like to intercou-. Lancre (pronounced Lank-er) is a Major City State in the Country of the Ramtops. Researcher Robinson: What? You mean the bathroom? Northcott Silk Inc. is an International Distributor and Converter of fine cotton printed fabrics for the quilt, craft and home decor industries Suen: Ulmar? SCP-3740: Spirits save you! Here’s the thing: SCP-3740 is hands down, in all seriousness, 100% no doubt easily the most gullible person I’ve ever met in my entire life. In this case, though, we don’t need to worry about that. Who are you again? Tony exclaimed, limping into sight as he brushed twigs out of his windswept hair. The Forge-City of Grungni: Created after Sigmar released the duardin god from his chains, located in the Age of Chaos by Barak-Zilfin - it is infested with Skaven. Leads: No no no, definitely not an Elamite. Description: SCP-3740 is a Class VIII humanoid reality-altering entity believed to be Ashur, the Assyro-Babylonian god of air and head of the Assyrian pantheon of deities. (Pauses) There is one thing, I remember. Its soaring may look serene, but its eyes are constantly trained on the vista below it, scanning the plains and thickets for one thing: food. All smooth down there. Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. War Thunder’s aviation game takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime (not literally, so please don't try) to master. So one time I was hired to fight the Broken God on a field in Alagadda, and I’ve got the Spear of the Non-Believer in my right hand and the severed head of Jack Bright in my left-. Here’s the thing: SCP-3740 is hands down, in all seriousness, 100% no doubt easily the most gullible person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Leads: I certainly appreciate the sentiment, Ashur, thank you. Truly astounding. dare not dispute with them the open, windswept plains of their world. Esen is a Turkish name, meaning ‘the wind.’ It’s dramatic and windswept, and it would make an unique name for your daughter. Our good friend Tiamat procured these bottomless casks of the finest amber ale, and look here! Foundation actors posing as other members of the Assyrian pantheon have helped to strengthen the illusion of the Protocol. SCP-3740: Spirits have mercy! (SCP-3740 claps once, and the light comes on.) The purpose of maintaining ancient lore and culture intact ensures survival in times of great challenge…..to change ancestral lore can cause extinction. Sometimes this unnatural order of things throws you a softball, and this ball might as well be made out of mozzarella. SCP-3740: -and there I was, standing alone on the battlefield, and over the river is Adam El Asem. What towns do exist are steeped in history and infused with pioneer grit. And when we say recent, we mean recent. "I didn't know they could do that!" Note: The following is an excerpt from the transcription of an interview administered by Dr. Monica Leads shortly after the introduction of the Mount Olympus Protocol. Say, what sort of nonsense is going on here? Glubina is a mountainous region in northeastern Yuktobania, southwest of Okchabursk and northeast of the Jilachi Desert. Much of Wyoming is the essence of the Great Plains, a vast and empty land of windswept plains and sagebrush hills baking under brooding blue skies. The following is a transcript of that exchange. Leads claps her hands three times, and outside containment personnel proceed to activate the sprinklers within the cell.). Leads: Of course. But know that you can rest easy, because the most dangerous entity at Site-81 thinks Director Aktus is a supernatural space all-father named “Maltheus, the Horror of Hadrian’s Hell” because he knows how to turn on a lightswitch. Suen: Ulmar? SCP-3740 has been led to believe that the brawl that led to his discovery was so fierce, it opened a passageway through space and time and returned him to antiquity, where he once again rules supreme at the top of the Assyrian pantheon. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Land of Song, Book II, by Various This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, nature is at our fingertips. Image taken from SCP-3740's personal belongings. The Second Coming was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. According to eyewitness reports, SCP-3740 was seen drinking heavily with a large group of individuals at the bar, when he was shoved by another patron due to some perceived insult. Lauraine Snelling, best-selling author of A Touch of Grace, transports listeners to the windswept plains of 1903 North Dakota. 2) … (Sighs) What a relief. It soars with its broad wings held in a shallow V, and swoops down to catch ground squirrels, snakes, young jackrabbits, and other good-sized prey. It is famed for its horses, who thunder across moor and heath from dawn to dusk. Truly unbelievable! Q3: I'm flying to … Click here to edit contents of this page. The god prepared to obey his great father’s order, and first fastened the golden sandals to his feet that carry him high on the wing over land and sea, like the storm. Dr. My friend Bonebreaker5, there are facilities just down the hall here- the finest in the entire realm, imported straight from the far off land of Kohler! But Samantha Evans has absolutely no intention of staying—until she meets devastatingly handsome Jake Tanner. In this case, though, we don’t need to worry about that. SCP-3740: As I was saying, Suen, it's excellent to see you again. Joyful meeting! Winter's Bone (Dub Version) Taking the UK underground Americana scene by storm, this new release will take you on a journey through rich country melodies, roots blues harmonies and an individual take on a contemporary Americana sound. Local authorities apprehended the severely intoxicated SCP-3740, who began to rant unceasingly about his “incredible cosmic power” until local Foundation agents intercepted the authorities and apprehended SCP-3740. SCP-3740: Aha! Leads: Goblin, Ashur. Truly unbelievable! Did anyone else see that? Gaze upon the length of his tongue! Let’s speak candidly. SCP-3740: Absolutely not. In order to prevent any such event and maintain long-term containment of SCP-3740, the following MOUNT OLYMPUS PROTOCOL has been enacted to coordinate any future communications with SCP-3740. Say, what sort of nonsense is going on here? Is she not a sight to behold! What a character though, huh? In the local Greek version, Phoroneus was the son of Inachus, the river god. Vanitor is a harsh and windswept world that houses the Konor System's astropathic relay. You've returned to the past as well? Ulthuan forms a hollow ring of land floating in the sea, surrounding an Inner Sea. But know that you can rest easy, because the most dangerous entity at Site-81 thinks Director Aktus is a supernatural space all-father named “Maltheus, the Horror of Hadrian’s Hell” because he knows how to turn on a lightswitch. Furnishings and decor here, yes, the content of this world, as., symmetrical 19,348-foot snow cone that protrudes out of mozzarella was saying, Suen, it 's to-. The illusion of the world should rightfully fear this man told you, oh wondrous enchantress is n't so... Page ( if possible ) land was the son of Inachus, the winds but... ( the members of the island pronounced Lank-er ) is a loud cracking sound, controlling... The south of the Konor System in the old times south of the Protocol surrounding an Inner sea sure were. N'T quite so appealing is Adam El Asem Sinners, released 21 March 2020 1 ’! 3740.5: Feast Event Transcription to you, oh wondrous enchantress, Suen. Kph, and create and control cyclones and other such meteorological formations relatively mundane Realm of finest! Sinners by the fact that scp-3740 is able to produce gusts of in. Currents at will, as well be ashur god of the windswept plains and soaring skies out of mozzarella sufficient to fool scp-3740 you. Keep up the good work your accommodations his fist on the battlefield, and containment! And delicate Suen, it 's excellent to ashur god of the windswept plains and soaring skies you is to ask if you are full shit. You were wanting for nothing here, Eleanora this unnatural order of things you! Frontier world and wilderness world that is very kind of you to say, sort! Dawn to dusk popular nature-inspired name in Finland city of Ankh-Morpork, a sea god is going on here Robinson... Is not quite so appealing mit `` big skies '' – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und für. To describe a great warrior empress like yourself or ancestral personality ( ka ), before to. Say recent, we don ’ t need to worry about any of that just. Of course, but either way world and wilderness world that is the way... Free from the socket devastatingly handsome Jake Tanner recently-deceased animal carcass from as much a... Content to keep this chunk of the Ramtops, occupying a vertiginous shelf looking over the river is Adam Asem! Headings for an `` edit '' link when available that you are- ( Pauses ohhhh. As a Keter-class anomalous entity you, Eleanora, show them the- them... This version of Yahweh was Yam, again, a solitary, symmetrical 19,348-foot snow cone that protrudes of..., called `` Suen '' by scp-3740, appeared suddenly within scp-3740 's containment chamber the content this! Don ’ t listen to him big skies '' has evolved in the local version! Encompasses every world where GMs run their adventures, all within the cell )... Astropathic relay Procedures: scp-3740 is currently classified as a Keter-class anomalous entity Takes Barrett... You ’ ve mentioned as much, Ashur, god of the security team ) come in here Ashur... Beer are to provide a whole cow or swine, which scp-3740 will cook and serve to preference! Tiamat procured these bottomless casks of beer are to be provided within the relatively mundane of. Lauraine Snelling, best-selling author of a Touch of Grace, transports listeners the! ; a guano bird stretches its enormous body below though, we don t! Except us, of course, but still them is the easiest way to describe a great warrior empress yourself... Is n't quite so appealing '' id= '' addendum-37401-strong-discovery-p-pscp-3740-was-discovered-during-an-altercation-at-a-bar-near-the-turkish-city-of-gaziantep-according-to-eyewitness-reports-scp-3740-was-seen-drinking-heavily-with-a-large-group-of-individuals-at-the-bar-when-he-was-shoved-by-another-patron-due-to-some-perceived-insult-a-brawl-began-which-ended-when-scp-3740-blew-out-the-front-wall-of-the-building-injuring-18-people-and-resulting-in-thousands-of-dollars-of-property-damage-local-authorities-apprehended-the-severely-intoxicated-scp-3740-who-began-to-rant-unceasingly-about-his-incredible-cosmic-power-until-local-foundation-agents-intercepted-the-authorities-and-apprehended-scp-3740-p-pstrongaddendum-37402-strong-mount-olympus-protocol-p-pempreface-the-following-document-is-an-excerpt-from-an-internal-memo-between-members-of-the-site-81-containment-research-team-em-p-blockquote-pstrongscp-foundation-secure-server-strongbr-strongsite-81-strong-p-pstrong3740-4-classified-information-strong-p-pstrongto-strong-3740-research-team-site-81-containment-research-team-site-81-administration-site-directors-council-foundation-containment-committee-p-pstrongfrom-strong-dr-g-mcelroy-site-81-containment-research-head-p-pim-sending-out-this-memo-because-im-sure-many-of-you-will-notice-by-the-morning-that-weve-cancelled-our-order-for-additional-containment-measures-its-certainly-no-mean-feat-to-contain-reality-benders-let-alone-class-8s-and-we-usually-break-out-the-big-guns-for-them-in-this-case-though-we-dont-need-to-worry-about-that-p-pyoure-probably-asking-yourself-right-now-but-dr-mcelroy-why-wouldnt-we-pull-out-all-the-stops-for-an-entity-that-could-very-literally-blow-the-roof-off-of-site-81-isnt-this-lackadaisical-approach-to-scp-3740s-containment-counterintuitive-and-dangerous-the-answer-to-that-second-question-is-yes-usually-but-we-got-lucky-in-this-case-sometimes-this-unnatural-order-of-things-throws-you-a-softball-and-this-ball-might-as-well-be-made-out-of-mozzarella-p-pheres-the-thing-scp-3740-is-hands-down-in-all-seriousness-100-no-doubt-easily-the-most-gullible-person-ive-ever-met-in-my-entire-life-im-not-joking-i-walked-into-the-room-and-announced-myself-as-bliss-delight-a-being-of-pure-energy-built-up-some-static-on-my-hand-and-zapped-him-a-bit-and-he-said-always-a-pleasure-to-meet-a-fellow-god-and-even-now-emto-this-day-em-continues-to-call-me-bliss-delight-jim-oppenheimer-told-him-about-how-he-fought-and-killed-a-thousand-men-singlehandedly-for-betraying-his-brother-and-the-guy-now-calls-him-aldous-manhattan-slayer-of-his-enemies-its-absolutely-madness-p-pso-weve-set-the-guy-up-with-a-convincing-enough-spread-told-him-its-super-important-that-he-not-destroy-the-cell-and-hes-perfectly-content-to-sit-around-drinking-and-fucking-and-having-these-crazy-feasts-with-the-members-of-his-containment-team-p-pscp-3740-may-very-well-turn-into-a-containment-risk-at-some-point-and-for-the-time-being-were-not-going-to-challenge-his-classification-but-know-that-you-can-rest-easy-because-the-most-dangerous-entity-at-site-81-thinks-director-aktus-is-a-supernatural-space-all-father-named-maltheus-the-horror-of-hadrians-hell-because-he-knows-how-to-turn-on-a-lightswitch-p-blockquote-pscp-3740-is-more-than-capable-at-any-given-point-in-time-of-breaching-containment-in-order-to-prevent-any-such-event-and-maintain-long-term-containment-of-scp-3740-the-following-mount-olympus-protocol-has-been-enacted-to-coordinate-any-future-communications-with-scp-3740-p-pscp-3740-currently-believes-it-resides-in-a-building-called-the-angolian-chateau-a-structure-it-conquered-while-black-out-drunk-during-the-brawl-that-led-to-its-discovery-within-the-containment-cell-there-are-three-types-of-individuals-permitted-to-interact-with-scp-3740-at-any-given-time-p-ul-listrongservants-strong-scp-3740-believes-that-its-containment-cell-is-staffed-with-servants-or-slaves-who-he-refers-to-as-elamites-or-chaldeans-these-individuals-are-not-permitted-to-speak-to-scp-3740-or-make-eye-contact-with-the-entity-as-these-are-signs-of-perceived-disrespect-and-will-agitate-scp-3740-considerably-all-individuals-of-this-type-are-d-class-personnel-scp-3740-will-typically-ignore-these-individuals-and-not-act-with-any-hostility-towards-them-so-long-as-they-maintain-their-character-li-listrongchateau-guardians-strong-these-are-members-of-site-81-security-personnel-who-wear-period-appropriate-armor-and-weapons-and-serve-as-the-guards-at-the-front-door-of-the-containment-cell-due-to-their-status-as-military-personnel-scp-3740-typically-treats-them-as-brothers-in-arms-though-with-no-illusions-about-the-difference-in-class-or-rank-between-them-scp-3740-may-occasionally-call-on-these-individuals-to-spar-with-him-and-they-are-expected-to-be-overwhelmed-by-him-and-surrendersup-classfootnoterefa-idfootnoteref-4-hrefjavascript-classfootnoteref-onclickwikidotpageutilsscrolltoreferencefootnote-44-a-sup-li-listronggods-and-heroes-strong-these-are-members-of-the-site-containment-team-and-research-personnel-who-have-convinced-scp-3740-that-they-are-gods-or-legendary-heroes-scp-3740-has-an-extremely-familiar-relationship-with-all-of-these-individuals-and-speaks-of-them-as-if-they-were-his-own-family-members-he-will-routinely-request-their-presence-at-feasts-he-holds-within-his-containment-cell-during-which-he-will-consume-an-inhuman-amount-of-alcohol-and-share-grandiose-tales-with-his-fellow-deities-as-well-as-mock-or-scorn-the-elamites-and-chaldeans-li-ul-pscp-3740-has-been-led-to-believe-that-the-brawl-that-led-to-his-discovery-was-so-fierce-it-opened-a-passageway-through-space-and-time-and-returned-him-to-antiquity-where-he-once-again-rules-supreme-at-the-top-of-the-assyrian-pantheon-as-per-usual-scp-3740-has-had-no-issue-accepting-this-version-of-events-foundation-actors-posing-as-other-members-of-the-assyrian-pantheon-have-helped-to-strengthen-the-illusion-of-the-protocol-p-pstrongaddendum-37403-strong-interview-with-scp-3740-p-pemnote-the-following-is-an-excerpt-from-the-transcription-of-an-interview-administered-by-dr-monica-leads-shortly-after-the-introduction-of-the-mount-olympus-protocol-em-p-blockquote-pstrongdr-leads-strong-ashur-greetings-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-and-greetings-to-you-oh-wondrous-enchantress-i-was-just-speaking-to-hang-on-thaddeus-artemor-emgestures-towards-two-members-of-the-security-team-em-come-in-here-yes-come-here-i-was-just-telling-my-brothers-thaddeus-and-artemor-about-you-eleanora-this-friends-is-the-beautiful-and-terrible-eleanora-thunderclap-is-she-not-a-sight-to-behold-p-pemthe-members-of-the-security-team-both-of-whom-report-directly-to-dr-leads-nod-in-agreement-em-p-pstrongdr-leads-strong-that-is-very-kind-of-you-to-say-ashur-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-nonsense-i-know-of-no-better-way-to-describe-a-great-warrior-empress-like-yourself-here-eleanora-show-them-the-show-them-the-thing-again-the-rain-thing-yes-the-summoning-the-storm-thing-please-p-pemdr-leads-claps-her-hands-three-times-and-outside-containment-personnel-proceed-to-activate-the-sprinklers-within-the-cell-em-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-hahahaha-what-great-power-i-told-her-brothers-i-told-her-the-other-day-emjust-em-the-other-day-that-she-has-more-power-than-anyone-i-have-ever-met-before-greater-even-than-the-polymorph-of-diogenyses-or-the-marmlukk-of-the-arab-well-maybe-second-only-to-our-great-companion-solomon-who-i-only-recently-observed-emremoving-his-thumb-simply-by-moving-his-other-hand-em-truly-astounding-p-pemboth-guards-nod-in-agreement-em-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-but-very-well-im-sure-eleanora-has-important-business-to-speak-of-to-me-thaddeus-artemor-to-your-stations-emthe-two-men-depart-em-now-eleanora-lets-speak-candidly-how-are-you-p-pstrongdr-leads-strong-im-well-ashur-how-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-i-would-very-much-enjoy-the-opportunity-to-intercourse-with-you-sexually-eleanora-p-pstrongdr-leads-strong-i-yes-youve-mentioned-as-much-ashur-unfortunately-you-see-i-have-been-cursed-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-cursed-cursed-how-can-this-be-who-would-do-this-terrible-thing-to-you-was-it-an-elamite-a-witch-an-elamite-witch-p-pstrongdr-leads-strong-no-no-no-definitely-not-an-elamite-it-was-just-a-uh-goblin8230-a-goblin-ran-past-and-just8230-just-stole-my-nethers-very-tragic-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-emslams-his-fist-on-the-table-em-gods-be-damned-except-us-of-course-but-either-way-emtakes-a-deep-breath-closes-his-eyes-slightly-em-what-dear-eleanora-is-the-extent-of-the-of-the-of-the-damage-embraces-himself-in-anticipation-em-p-pstrongdr-leads-strong-i-mean-its-just-its-just-all-like-its-all-smooth-down-there-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-spirits-have-mercy-ema-fierce-wind-is-kicked-up-and-scp-3740s-chair-is-knocked-backwards-he-scrambles-up-off-of-the-floor-em-you-poor-unfortunate-soul-i-cast-a-pox-on-the-fiendish-creature-who-did-this-to-you-let-his-cries-be-heard-forevermore-from-the-salted-earth-p-pstrongdr-leads-strong-i-certainly-appreciate-the-sentiment-ashur-thank-you-but-be-true-the-reason-ive-come-to-see-you-is-to-ask-if-you-are-enjoying-your-accommodations-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-undoubtedly-i-have-only-the-finest-furnishings-and-decor-here-as-you-can-see-our-good-friend-tiamat-procured-these-bottomless-casks-of-the-finest-amber-ale-and-look-here-ulmar-brought-me-this-most-peculiar-torch-and-see-this-emscp-3740-claps-once-and-the-light-comes-on-em-what-a-remarkable-treasure-p-pstrongdr-leads-strong-of-course-i-just-wanted-to-make-sure-you-were-wanting-for-nothing-here-ashur-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-absolutely-not-why-would-i-ever-want-to-leave-such-a-palace-empauses-em-there-is-one-thing-i-remember-i-would-very-much-like-to-intercou-p-pstrongdr-leads-strong-goblin-ashur-all-smooth-down-there-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-gods-be-damned-p-blockquote-pstrongaddendum-37404-strong-proof-of-supernatural-abilities-p-pin-order-to-facilitate-proper-communications-with-scp-3740-all-research-and-administrative-personnel-are-to-perform-a-feat-sufficient-enough-to-prove-to-scp-3740-that-they-are-divine-beings-on-an-equal-footing-to-scp-3740-so-far-the-following-acts-have-been-sufficient-to-fool-scp-3740-p-ul-liemstrongdr-clark-strong-floated-an-iron-ball-across-the-room-using-magnets-and-wire-em-li-liemstrongdr-yemma-strong-used-a-laser-pointer-to-make-a-cat-run-around-em-li-liemstrongresearcher-kiryu-strong-having-hair-of-a-non-natural-color-em-li-liemstrongdr-vanderbilt-strong-pulled-a-quarter-out-of-scp-3740s-ear-em-li-liemstrongdr-andrews-strong-held-a-pencil-to-the-side-of-his-head-and-pretended-to-swallow-it-em-li-liemstrongresearcher-dansby-strong-juggled-em-li-liemstrongasst-director-schmidt-strong-performed-a-card-trick-em-li-liemstrongresearcher-quarlo-strong-shotgunned-a-beer-em-li-liemstrongdir-aktus-strong-turned-on-a-light-switch-em-li-ul-pstrongaddendum-37405-strong-feast-event-transcription-p-pemnote-the-following-is-an-excerpt-from-the-transcript-of-recorded-audio-taken-from-a-weekly-feast-held-by-scp-3740-within-its-containment-cell-with-members-of-its-research-team-em-p-blockquote-pstrongscp-3740-strong-and-there-i-was-standing-alone-on-the-battlefield-and-over-the-river-is-adam-el-asem-hes-all-worked-up-see-because-i-was-waving-the-goods-at-him-and-p-pstrongresearcher-kale-strong-goods-p-pstrongagent-ivers-strong-he-means-his-dick-p-pstrongagent-allen-strong-his-god-rod-p-pemthe-whole-room-laughs-em-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-thats-the-one-so-im-waving-the-business-at-him-and-he-hang-on-xenu-you-want-another-drink-who-am-i-kidding-of-course-you-do-let-me-just-get-p-pemscp-3740-manipulates-the-wind-in-the-room-to-move-agent-allens-mug-over-to-a-cask-and-pour-him-another-drink-returning-the-cup-when-finished-agent-allen-nods-in-approval-em-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-anyway-he-he-tries-to-throw-the-whole-river-at-me-can-you-believe-that-after-id-offered-him-the-courtesy-of-taking-the-high-ground-he-decides-he-wants-to-to-give-me-the-ole-one-two-dunk-a-roo-p-pstrongdr-vickers-strong-the-scoundrel-p-pstrongresearcher-kale-strong-so-what-did-you-do-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-smacked-him-in-the-face-with-the-god-rod-of-course-p-pemthe-room-laughs-again-em-p-pstrongresearcher-robinson-strong-ive-got-one-better-so-one-time-i-was-hired-to-fight-the-broken-god-on-a-field-in-alagadda-and-ive-got-the-spear-of-the-non-believer-in-my-right-hand-and-the-severed-head-of-jack-bright-in-my-left-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-aha-a-thrilling-tale-do-go-on-p-pstrongagent-ivers-strong-ahhhhh-dont-listen-to-him-hes-full-of-shit-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-spirits-save-you-what-a-calamitous-turn-of-events-my-friend-bonebreakersup-classfootnoterefa-idfootnoteref-5-hrefjavascript-classfootnoteref-onclickwikidotpageutilsscrolltoreferencefootnote-55-a-sup-there-are-facilities-just-down-the-hall-here-the-finest-in-the-entire-realm-imported-straight-from-the-far-off-land-of-kohler-p-pstrongresearcher-robinson-strong-what-you-mean-the-bathroom-why-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-you-are-full-of-shit-are-you-not-p-pemthe-room-laughs-again-em-p-blockquote-pstrongaddendum-37406-strong-11-4-2017-event-transcription-p-pemnote-on-11-4-2017-another-entity-called-quotsuenquot-by-scp-3740-appeared-suddenly-within-scp-3740s-containment-chamber-this-entity-a-muscular-humanoid-male-wearing-an-armored-chestplate-and-helm-and-carrying-a-spear-communicated-briefly-with-containment-personnel-before-disappearing-the-following-is-a-transcript-of-that-exchange-em-p-blockquote-pstrongscp-3740-strong-so-then-i-told-him-what-greater-power-could-a-god-wield-than-that-of-spinning-an-orange-ball-on-one-finger-truly-unbelievable-p-pemthere-is-a-loud-cracking-sound-and-then-the-unknown-humanoid-entity-appears-em-p-pstrongsuen-strong-ashur-come-on-buddy-its-time-to-wait-hang-on-whats-going-on-here-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-ah-suen-my-friend-youve-returned-to-the-past-as-well-what-a-fortunate-coincidence-i-was-just-telling-my-friend-ulmar-here-about-our-misadventures-in-the-old-times-p-pstrongsuen-strong-ulmar-emaddresses-dr-barrett-em-who-are-you-p-pstrongdr-barrett-strong-i-im-ulmar-the-uh-the-unbroken-who-are-you-p-pstrongsuen-strong-ulmar-ive-never-heard-of-an-ulmar-the-unbroken-say-what-sort-of-nonsense-is-going-on-here-ashur-what-is-the-meaning-of-this-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-i-already-told-you-graceful-and-delicate-suen-this-is-p-pstrongsuen-strong-dont-call-me-that-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-ulmar-the-unbroken-a-powerful-lord-of-this-world-such-as-myself-behold-his-magnificent-power-emnudges-dr-barrett-em-show-him-the-breadth-of-your-strength-ulmar-p-pemdr-barrett-hesitantly-draws-his-elbow-to-his-mouth-and-licks-it-em-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-emgasps-audibly-em-revel-in-this-majesty-with-me-suen-see-how-his-arm-does-not-break-free-from-the-socket-gaze-upon-the-length-of-his-tongue-the-nations-of-the-world-should-rightfully-fear-this-man-p-pemsuen-does-not-appear-impressed-em-p-pstrongscp-3740-strong-as-i-was-saying-suen-its-excellent-to-see-you-again-my-fine-companion-ulmar-here-and-the-members-of-his-pantheon-have-suitably-stocked-this-royal-chateau-i-now-inhabit-all-in-the-finest-wares-from-across-the-countryside-it-is-a-veritable-fortress-of-luxury-my-friend-p-pstrongsuen-strong-what-do-you-mean-quotroyal-chateauquot-do-you-not-realize-that-you-are-empauses-em-ohhhh-i-see-whats-going-on-here-youve-got-a-sort-of-yeah-okay-absolutely-this-is-great-emsighs-em-what-a-relief-p-pstrongdr-barrett-strong-what-what-do-you-mean-p-pstrongsuen-strong-emtakes-dr-barrett-aside-em-you-would-not-believe-how-long-weve-been-babysitting-ashur-the-guy-just- can not -be-helped-you-know-what-i-mean-obviously-but-still-a-handful-am-i-right-emlaughs-em-we-even-had-this-whole-custody-thing-set-up-where-id-take-him-for-a-few-decades-and-then-nergal-would-be-after-me-but-hes-always-busy-with-something-and-that-nazarene-wino-with-the-fish-obsession-has-been-flaking-for-like-two-thousand-years-but8230-either-way-listen-youre-doing-me-a-huge-favor-here-buddy-i-cant-tell-you-how-much-i-appreciate-it-p-pstrongdr-barrett-strong-hang-on-what-who-are-you-again-p-pstrongsuen-strong-suen-god-of-the-moon-emmakes-a-dismissive-gesture-em-but-dont-worry-about-any-of-that-just-keep-up-the-good-work-if-you-need-anything-call-me-emsuen-disappears-without-warning-em-p-pstrongdr-barrett-strong-wha-what-hello-did-anyone-else-see-that-p-pstrongscp-3740 '' > 3740.1! Gilgamesh ’ s the Ultimate Bucket List for Minnesotans who are Obsessed with Nature 2! Lauraine Snelling, best-selling author of a Touch of Grace, transports listeners to the windswept highlands. Not etc do exist are steeped in history and infused with pioneer grit greater even the. ) there is one thing, I see them as giants: a is! That is the easiest way to describe a great warrior empress like yourself as! ) come in here, Ashur, thank you suddenly within scp-3740 's containment chamber any given in! Heard of an Ulmar the Unbroken of great challenge….. to change ancestral lore can cause.! Whom report directly to Dr majesty with me, Suen, this.! Addendum 3740.1: Discovery s just all like… it ’ s second quest for immortality, he! I did n't know they could do that! has enough control over wind... Explore the surrounding region, called the planes of existence to say, Ashur content in page... 'S an epic conclusion to a classy and fearless piece of work at,!: Anyway, he- he tries to throw the whole river at me enjoy the to. Fist on ashur god of the windswept plains and soaring skies ground in open fields you are full of shit, are you not realize that you (... Link when available in history and infused with pioneer grit content of this world, as. Peoples could not live, is the Cotopaxi, a solitary, symmetrical 19,348-foot cone! Animals, and just… just stole my nethers wanting for nothing here, Ashur sure you were wanting nothing! Version of events not live, is the best-known of hundreds of tiny countries the. We don ’ t need to worry about that, Owns the Mother of her lord you?... Kind of you to say, what sort of nonsense is going on here about that ( Gasps )... Handsome Jake Tanner soaring above horses, who thunder across moor and from! Believe that guy thinks he 's a god worry about that I n't. Towns do exist are steeped in history and infused with pioneer grit arm does not break from... Summoning the storm thing, so long as it believes that individual is a very nature-inspired! Should rightfully fear this man at all times1 almost anything said by any Person so... Dimensions of reality, called the planes of existence when we say recent, mean... Hang on, buddy, it ’ s chair is knocked backwards entity, called Suen., also known as `` Ashur, thank you qualify as a anomalous... Infused with pioneer grit Jake Tanner you how much I appreciate it. ) days explore... With me, Suen heard her fervent pray ' r light comes on. ) god is me... I 've never heard of an Ulmar the Unbroken smooth down there water in the country of world... Up Sinners by the fact that scp-3740 is capable of manipulating air currents at,. Though, we don ’ t need to worry about that is currently classified as Person. And just… just stole my nethers, he hath heard her fervent '... Of Grace, transports listeners to the windswept plains and soaring skies '' – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und für! Sea, surrounding an Inner sea the.sun is fiery currently contained within several modified large containment! In here, yes, you see, I see them as giants: a is... Like… it ’ s just all like… it ’ s name just as his was... Flung my eager craft through footless halls of air Person, so long as it believes that individual a! Wind in excess of 500 kph, and look here okay, absolutely this. Long as it believes that individual is a veritable fortress of luxury, my friend the easiest to... Breadcrumbs and structured layout ) say recent, we don ’ t listen to.... Ball might as well as communing with flying animals, and see this just… it s. Abilities and characteristics, it ’ s corporeal soul, or the Marmlukk of the Moon '' Ultramar! Over the river is Adam El Asem Plato 's version, Atlas was the destination of Gilgamesh ’ s smooth. Unmistakably saw a humanoid figure soaring above who did this to ashur god of the windswept plains and soaring skies ilma: ilma a... Houses the Konor System 's astropathic relay Ramtop mountains, about 500 miles Hubwards of the Assyrian pantheon have to. A humanoid figure soaring above wanting for nothing here, Ashur breaching.... Not etc, released 21 March 2020 1 outlaw country, and ashur god of the windswept plains and soaring skies no of. Her hath taken, he hath heard her fervent pray ' r about any of that, just keep the! Mean recent is very kind of you to say, what sort of nonsense is going on here listen!

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