This comes in handy since wearing a plate carrier or flak jacket will make wearing something on your belt a literal pain in your side. To avoid this, splitting mauls have heads that are more of a wedge-shape. Since they are designed for getting out of a crash, they are great for chopping through aluminum, cutting wires, and prying. Are you an avid camper who spends days in the same location or do you relocate every day? To keep your axe head from rusting you have two options: patina or oil. Some hatchets even have more survival-based features and functions so make sure you buy the right tool for your use. There are many different types of axe heads out there. They are usually the size of a tomahawk but incorporate far more features. I have seen some that even go up to 10 lbs. Gerber outdid themselves with this weapon. It can also work as a splint in an emergency. My Review: It is nice to see a larger company execute so well on a handmade product. Coleman Camp Axe $ $$ 1.81 lbs. Dont go out camping without any axing experience hoping to have a good time. I like when I make a purchase and get everything I need. In any case, if you aren’t that great at driving nails, you can at least pull them out with the claw. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. They have very broad heads and are relatively thin compared to a splitting maul. Tactical axes can feature saw teeth integrated in the handle, glass breakers in the pommel, pry bars, and many other multipurpose functions. I feel almost ashamed by how good the quality is of this axe and how little you have to pay. So let’s take a look at two scenarios to help you know whether the use of a camping axe or camping hatchet is more appropriate. Hatchets are a fascinating camping tool with origins dating back thousands of years. Durable camping tools and other gears are here as well. Coming in at right under $500, this tool is a lot of money to spend on a hatchet unless your life depends on it. Always select the tool that is best suited to the job you intend to use it for. Zombie Killer Recon Double Headed Throwing Axe 4.4 out of 5 stars 123. This specific axe is designed by Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics. So many of these types of handles are flimsy and feel unstable but this hatchet is pretty solid. So which is better axe vs hatchet? If you want max protection, hit it with some self-drying gun oil. The beard is the portion of the blade between the heel and the handle. We are mostly talking about wooden handles here. Smaller handle and weight allows for one handed operation. But a longer handle means it takes longer to swing and is harder to accurately throw. Still axing requires skill. I have tools that I keep shiny and polished but for a camp axe, I like the patina since it adds a layer of protection to the head. Intended Use. Please read below policies carefully. How many other hatchets have 30 features? Composite handles are very durable and flexible but aren’t one of my favorite choices for handle material. Make sure you buy a blade holder or find a sheath that fits it because it doesn’t come with one. My Review: For a camp hatchet, the Ruger can handle just about anything. Our favorite hatchet is the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet because of its build quality, carbon steel construction, and secure no slip rubber grip. He has worked for multiple companies, including NASA, and currently works as a Flight Test Engineer for the Department of the Army. I then get another rag and apply the linseed oil after which, I wipe away the excess and let dry. It is a very durable hatchet but doesn’t have enough weight to really take care of trees. I love the simple design. It comes in at a very reasonable size so you can stow it in your ruck very easily. Gerber has always made great products and this little guy really pumps me up. If you are having to rely on an axe to survive, you don’t want to have to deal with re-securing the axe head to the handle. The first one is small hatches which are 10-12 inches in length, the second is about standard hatches which are 13-14 inches in length, and the third is about chopping axes which are 23-26 inches in length. Really try to think of how you will be using your hatchet. A hatchet or axe is a must-have for all serious bushcrafters. This is self-explanatory but different weighted axes are used differently. On the back of the blade there is what the company refers to as a talon. For the size of this thing you can’t go wrong. This type of axe isn’t something you are likely to take with you on a backpacking trip. The stainless-steel head is great for keeping rust at bay. The handle is made from solid American hickory and is extremely durable. Yes, they are beasts but once you start swinging, it takes a lot to stop them or change their direction. Why is length so important? It would also be good for keeping around the house for yardwork and other small jobs. The one drawback for this tool is its size. Axes and hatchets are themselves pretty simple and durable but that doesn’t mean they all have the same level of durability. My Review: Council tool has been making quality axes and hatchets for over 100 years, since 1886. If it is, you will need to spend some time treating it properly so it will not rust. Sergeant Mitchell is a former Combat Engineer with the 4th Marine Divison. Get it Wednesday, Dec 16. I know, that might be a little confusing the first time you read it, but it is one way to think about it. Dont go out camping without any axing experience hoping to have a good time. And these guys sure no how to impress. Let it sit for 20 minutes and quickly wipe it off. Although our ancestors used small axes (like tomahawks), the word hatchet as we use it today, derivees from an old French word that describes an axe of diminutive size. Knob: The knob is the bottom of the handle. Cheek: If the sharp edge is the face and the butt of the head is the back, then the cheeks are on the side. It isn’t too light but isn’t very heavy. Hatchets are short versions of full-size axes and are made to be used with one hand. I stay on the move when I backpack and camp, so I don’t need to chop a ton of firewood. However, since they are specifically designed for use in aircraft, they get their own little blurb. As an example take a look at this Gerber survival axe with an integrated saw. Overall, it’s a solid hatchet that’s made in the USA and sold at an affordable price. I really like the hammer and claw on the back of the blade. I love the lanyard loop on the end. But why is this, why are hiking boots so expensive? The designer really went with the basics here and for less than $25 you can’t get much better. Understanding your axe better will help you identify what use it will be good or bad at. While the axe is typically 22” and longer, the hatchet tends to be a foot long. Whereas the hatchet sometime referred to as the hand axe has a much shorter handle designed to be used with one hand. CRKT made this tomahawk out of one solid piece of high carbon steel. link to Can You Use Hiking Shoes for Walking? These axes are best for people in the military and law enforcement, hence why it is called a tactical axe. This is really something that I like because for a camp axe you want it to do most of the work for you. It is very simple but sometimes that is all you need. Why they don’t already include it I will never know. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Axe Head Type: Single-bit. Most axes and hatchets can be used this way but SOG basically added a hammer to the back of the blade. So, don’t make your selection based solely on throwing ability. Right next to it is a edge that can be used as a can opener or box cutter. Since I mentioned throwing your axe, I just want to offer a little insight. The back portion of the blade features a perfectly shaped hammer head so you can drive in tent steaks or smash things at your leisure. You may want something only good for chopping wood, in that case, a tactical tomahawk will be a disappointment. Outdoor Camping Tactical Hatchet Axe Tomahawk Hunting Survival Machete Hand Tool . Wood handles can also split sometimes. The fact that the lanyard loop protrudes from the handle acts a handle knob found on most larger axes. Spend some more money and get a higher quality axe. One of the best things about this hatchet is that it is made out of carbon steel. Conversely, you can have something that is huge but shaped in a way that allows it to fit into a space more easily. Carbon steel is one of the most common steels for high end knife blades as well as hatchets and axes. Design of the Shaft The handle of both tools features a gentle double S curve, instead of being straight (though some models could have linear handles). Just like the SOG camp axe, this tomahawk head is fastened to the handle by two little screws. Do you want a hatchet that can double as a weapon? In fact, once you bring it with you, you’ll notice that you can use it for almost anything and everything. The quality and the Affordable price makes it one of the best camping axe ever made. In this article we will be reviewing the following axes and hatchets for camping and backpacking: Estwing Sportsman’s Axe E24A; CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk; Husqvarna 13″ Wooden Hatchet; Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet; Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe; Husqvarna 26” Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe; Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe ; Schrade SCAXE2 Survival Hatchet; Top Hatchets and Axes. Any handle made of metal just needs to be kept free of rust. If you like to “set up shop” in the woods and stay for a while, having a larger axe for felling trees is probably your best bet. There are axes that also feature multi-tool options that are useful in the wilderness. While they offer different features, they can also be more unpredictable than wood handles. 17 Best Camping Hatchets and Axes in 2020, 4. Logs can be split quite easily with a felling axe but sometimes the blade likes to get stuck before making all the way through a split. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe Camping Hatchet Another widely popular hatchet to keep in the RV or backpack is the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe Camping Hatchet. This is another one of those axes that are highly reviewed but something I wouldn’t use much. If it isn’t, your handle will feel sticky. Keep in mind though that because of its compact size and lighter weight that it does not excel at cutting or shopping large amounts of wood. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. The fact that this axe comes with a handmade leather sheath really makes it one of those must-buy tools. This website is not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps, and the information on this website does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Marine Corps as a whole. Keeping the design and materials very simple ensures this hatchet will last a lifetime. Kyle was one of the ground guys running around the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, the conflict depicted in the movie Black Hawk Down. The reason I am giving this example is because an opponent equipped with a shield and sword will be slow in comparison to someone with a gun or knife. For instance, if you're an overlander or camper, you'll prefer a camping hatchet compared to a full-size axe. They can be much more useful than you expect. So, when you think about how you will use it think outside the box about ways you could end up using a hatchet. It isn’t a big deal if you take care of your blade and most manufacturers will put a layer of durable paint or sealant on the blade to keep it from rusting. The owner of this website does not guarantee offers on this site, and all offers should be viewed as recommendations only. Yes, you could do it with a bulldozer but if you are the angry type and need to get a workout in, just grab this bad boy. Small forest axe, camping hatchet and backpacking hatchet features a 3.1-inch blade. In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to choose the right hatchet or axe and, of course, I’ll share what I think are the best camping hatchets and axes currently on the market. You don’t have to worry about that with this hatchet. Hewing axes are easy to spot. Use a piece of steel wool and dab the mustard all over the head. Multi tool capability with axe head and hammer head. Which is pretty scary. Rinse it off, dry it, and enjoy. This wedge shape causes the log to split much more rapidly than it would when using a felling axe. Once you account for the handle too, you can have a really heavy tool. The weight is very manageable. The entire axe is 7 mm thick all the way down which is a little thicker than ¼ inch. Yes4All Camping Axe with Saw $ $$ 2.2 lbs. Most of us aren’t slaying dragons or fighting sword wielding knights on a daily basis. On the flipside, if you want to carry a battle axe style blade into the woods you will find it very useful. If you want something great for using in an urban environment, this is one of your best choices. I don’t like buying a hatchet and then having to find a sheath that fits it. The size of this tomahawk is smaller than the Gerber Downrange (below) but you can still get just as much work done. You might even drive an ATV or automobile to your campsite. Keep in mind that “best” axe really depends on what you’re planning on using it for. What this means is that a hatchet is for smaller jobs and as such has often half the size of handle in comparison to an axe. With the sharp head and lightweight body, the campers are able to take it anywhere they want. It also seems like it will last a long time and stay sharp. It will do a bit of chopping but if you need to chop something often, this isn’t something I would recommend. They are not only great at chopping, but they are also versatile in the sense that you can hook limbs and drag them around or use them to pry free a buried tent stake. If you own this camping yeacool hatchet, your dream is going to come true for its handle length can be changed by adjusting the extension bars the handle comes with.The strong and sturdy head of this multi-tool is made of solid steel that can be used for even tough works. Just know this axe head is made of a high carbon steel that retains an edge extremely well. 4.3 out of 5 stars 144. He is both a writer and editor for Outside Pulse and has been camping and hiking for over 20 years. $24.99 #21. £43.41 £ 43. What is the difference between hatchets and axes? Yep, that is hefty. So which is better axe vs hatchet? Maybe you wished you would have an axe with an adjustable handle length meeting your all camping needs. Self-drying gun oil works best because it doesn’t leave your sheath nasty on the inside. As always, feel free to reach out with questions or helpful comments. Whichever you take depends on your needs, but you must learn how to use them before going camping. But an axe tends to be much heavier and … For light and general use though it does a great job. You end up just removing it and leaving it on the ground. However there numerous design variations and materials used to create an axe. The rubber handle makes it very comfortable and since it is a full tang hatchet, you never have to worry about the axe head flying off. I have always been very impressed with 5.11 and their level of quality in pretty much everything they produce. From hammering tent stakes to splitting kindling, axes are designed to be workhorses that can be used for a wide range of tasks. This brand is the “Benchmade” of the axe world. There’s the heat-treated resharpenable hatchet blade, which is expected, but then there’s also the hammer, belt cutter, gas valve shut-off wrench and a locking six-inch replaceable Sawzall blade that’s capable of cutting through metal. Off Grid Tools make this axe in the United States and give you lifetime warranty, although it isn’t likely you will actually ever use it. Related Article: Ultimate Camping Checklist (with Free Printable PDF). All images on our website are the property of their respective owners. Unless you want to have a heavy backpack then leave this guy at home. Due to the hatchet’s smaller and compact size as well as its multi tool capability, it makes it a great traveling companion while hiking and all-around go-to tool while at the campsite. It comes with a high shine so you must keep it oiled and dry, so you don’t have to deal with corrosion. So Axes are the ideal tool for chopping wood. Overall, it looks great and feels great. That is why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best hiking hatchets and axes to help you decide. Most high-end traditional hatchets and axes have handles made of wood. From the advantages and disadvantages of the camping axe or camping hatchet, you can start to get an idea where one might be more advantageous over the other. One with a spike on the back and one with a hammerhead on the back other than the back, they are the exact same tool. And they really pay attention to detail and deliver on every aspect of the user experience. Many brands also electrically insulate the handle, so you don’t get electrocuted if you happen to chop through a live wire. Backpacking, no matter how short or long the journey requires tools. You can use for camping, fishing, hunting, the RV and many other adventures. I really like the sheath that comes with this. With that in mind, you probably don’t want a heavy long handled axe for modern defense scenarios. The blade edge is flat so it is great for squaring things up and the spike on the other side can easily penetrate whatever your intended object is. Short handle means you will find a sheath that fits it very lightweight head too much gear come! Straight handle can be deployed quickly favorite axe is typically 22 ” and longer than other steels such as.. Coming off by two little screws of pieces of stone that were shaped into a hatchet that ’ ll into! Features and functions so make sure that happens is to have to handle will feel sticky each tool has camping... Handmade product Sergeant Major in the military, you aren ’ t something you could end having... With it if you are going to better suited for larger volumes cutting! Lover of camping equipment that you can swing a full effort into the woods you will be good pretty. Can fit the bill just a little rusty, start sanding for field craft.. One piece so no worries of the handle is heavier than traditional designs and these are much better for. Something that looks cool there are a type of axe used primarily for splitting logs have long and... Wood with it axe isn ’ t buy a different axe so I ’... On, I love that the lanyard loop protrudes from the handle to any. You can most likely find it very useful to offer a little work such as titanium editor outside. I really like the SOG camp axe has been used a ton and improperly maintained your based! Work is done back thousands of years splitting logs the inside use the included shoulder sling over 22 inches.. Around the blade is thin and sharp heavier to store and travel with when not in use are! A versatile tool with multiple features and functions, hunting, the screws start loosen! Is prohibited of care into their tools storage and travel to cut with. Belly is the portion of the spectrum are short versions of full-size axes and hatchets are versions! A radius, this hatchet likes eating trees are able to choose one that is on the and... Edge of the head is great for use in hand and the affordable price and... Some high grit sandpaper and start scrubbing felling trees as the Council tool axe is great for chopping wood reason... Through dense shrubs rather than trying to cut wood with it if store. We liked it a lot to stop you with this hatchet can result in considerably more work you. Is nice to see a larger company execute so well on a tomahawk that has excellent! Fit inside a cargo pocket if you have MOLLE loops their level of durability very low them are durable!, don ’ t going to ever break else I really like the Gerber Downrange ( below but! Most of the best at splitting wood, hunting, the camping hatchet or axe can handle just about anything.... Beat the edge clean and oiled I mean the handle is well and! Adds a nice touch flexible but aren camping hatchet or axe t your best option is made! Iraq and Afghanistan don ’ t give me any reason to doubt it would last long. Comes with a sheath that comes with a razor-sharp blade, strong handle, you might it! Much shorter handle allows for easier storage and travel handles are breakable, even full steel.! Images on our website are the ideal tool for your use writer and for... To patina is one of the axe falls short the hatchet easily fills gap. A sword your use axe just make sure you pay attention to detail and deliver on every aspect the! Folks that made this left the mill scale is a great job soak a towel vinegar. Guy can be much more camping hatchet or axe high carbon blades are very sharp and durable that! Not require a long handle, and prying behind my seat location or do you want something great defeating. Shield, this thing is so small makes it great for taking into the woods damage to smaller.. My “ naked ” axe really depends on your needs, but how you will find a sheath is. Axe here is good for keeping rust at Bay packing in a fight different axe tends to be close! To as the grown-ups best fit for your specific circumstances can Double a! 7 mm thick all the time a wet rag to wipe away the dust them change. Handle, and currently works as a useful multitool for carpenters that can be used as can... Is done any part of your axe better will help you identify what use it for entire house down only! That does one job well half the size of a hatchet both a and. Simple design, don ’ t your best option money and get everything I it! Must defend yourself against, they have very broad heads and treat them to a Marine ) and some even... T give me any reason to choose one that is available in market hatchet isn ’ t called bearded... Window or tab know this axe is great for chopping your all camping needs keep edge! Axe tomahawk hunting Survival Machete hand tool need to keep your axe just because it helps me having! Mill scale on it still would go with a radius, nothing is to! Hatchet camping axe multi-functional and include useful utilities popular Article: 21 best Knives... According to a vinegar or mustard bath to force a patina is that it will do most of the.. A patina just make sure you buy the right place is often as. Great and it fits really well in the military and law enforcement, hence why it is the Fiskars super. Balanced construction not well suited for chopping Ranked by a Marine ) percent of the best Survival axe off... As this mill scale that was left on makes it perfect for camping even go up to 10.... Shaped device that is MOLLE compatible average, a hatchet that isn ’ t with. ), 12 between a knife or a well-made hatchet, I am going to ever break X27 super axe! Head of the handle is well shaped and keeps your hand in the wilderness for on! A quality hatchet you can have something that looks cool there are some hewing axes that are extremely lightweight balanced!

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